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* Do you know what DNS records are?

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DNS records are light text instructions that are stored in a zone file. The various DNS records hold essential data for a domain. Some of that information is, for instance, the IP address that corresponds to the particular domain name or how to handle requests for the domain.

Here are some of the essential DNS records that almost every domain should have:
A record - Its purpose is to link the domain name to its associated IPv4 address.
AAAA record - Its purpose is to link the domain name to its associated IPv6 address.
SOA record - It shows information about the primary name server and also for the DNS administrator.
PTR record - It has the opposite purpose of the A/AAAA record. It links an IP address to a domain name (hostname).
MX record - It points to the mail server that is accountable for receiving email messages.

These are just some of the different DNS records that are available.

In case you are interested, and you want to read more, you could take a look at detailed information about the DNS records!